Pet Guide: 4 Factors to Consider Before Getting a Dog

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Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. They are fun companions who are always ready to play. They are the loving pals who silently comfort you whenever you’re down. And they are the loyal buddies who will defend you no matter what. Truly, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better friend than a dog.

So if you’ve never had a dog, you’re really missing out on one of life’s most wonderful experiences. But the good thing is it’s never too late to get yourself a four-legged friend. At any age, you’ll surely be able to enjoy the experience of having a pup. If you’re planning on getting a furry friend, here are some things you need to look into before you get a pup.

People to help you with your pup

While your pet will solely be your responsibility, from time to time, you’ll need the help of other people to ensure that your pup gets the best out of life. First off are the people who’ll help you find the perfect dog for you. You can look for reputable breeders or, better yet, just get in touch with the people working at your local animal shelter. Next, you should find a veterinarian who’ll take care of your pet’s medical needs until the very end.

To housebreak your pup, it’s also a good idea to get the help of professionals such as those at dog training schools. You’ll likewise need pet groomers to keep your dog’s fur, nails, ears, etc., neat and tidy. And if you often go out of town, be sure you have a trustworthy dog-sitter and walker you can hire for whenever you’re gone.

Essential stuff your dog needs

Having a dog is like having a baby. Your fur baby will need a lot of stuff! For one, your pup will need food, treats, and even milk. There’ll be food and water bowls as well. If you’re willing to shell out $50-$100, you can even get a smart pet feeder, which you can operate with your smartphone. A comfy bed or maybe a cozy dog house will provide your pup not only a place to rest and sleep but also some space to call its own. For your daily walk, a leash is a must, while some dog clothes and shoes may be necessary especially during winter. You should also consider getting your pet chew toys like balls and ropes to keep your furry friend busy and entertained and your shoes safe!

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Readiness of your house

Again, a dog is like a baby, so you have to make your house ready and safe just like you would for your baby. This wouldn’t be a problem if your dog would just stay in your backyard. But you probably want your four-legged friend with you inside the house, right? One simple thing you can do to make your house dog-friendly is to keep the doors to the house areas you don’t want your pet getting into closed. You can buy pet gates if there are no doors to these areas.

Make sure there are no choking hazards, such as coins, pebbles, and kids’ toys (Lego, dice, etc.), lying around the house as well. Keep trash bins covered and sharp objects, electrical wires, and harmful household chemicals like bleach out of your pup’s reach too. You should likewise secure furniture and appliances that could fall on your pet.

Changes in your lifestyle

Without a doubt, dogs bring happiness to people’s lives. Having a dog, however, also brings changes in a person’s lifestyle. Once you have a dog, be prepared for a messy house. There’ll be fur on your sofa, clothes, and even your tongue! And even if you dog-proof your house, your four-legged baby is bound to spill or break something a time or two.

You should likewise be ready to spend a significant amount of your time doing things with and for your dog. You’ll have to walk, feed, and clean up after your pet every day. Get used to going to the vet and groomers on a regular basis as well. Of course, you won’t be able to just get away for the weekend without taking your pup with you or asking someone to look after your pet.

Having a dog is a wonderful experience. But before you get one, be sure that you’re truly ready to have a four-legged baby in your life. Your pup deserves only the best from you because, after all, you’ll never find a better friend than a dog.

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