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Life and Nature

Why So Many Families Choose to Hire a Surrogate

In recent years, the decision to hire a surrogate has become increasingly common among families facing fertility challenges regardless of the average surrogacy cost. Surrogacy offers a viable solution for couples unable to give birth naturally or through other assisted reproductive technologies. Many opt for surrogacy due to medical reasons, such as infertility, or those

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Getting the Most Out of the End of Life – For People With Life-Limiting Conditions

A life-limiting condition can be navigated with grace by staying connected, pursuing passions, and creating memories. Hospice care and future planning can provide comfort, support, and peace of mind in facing terminal illnesses. Living in the moment with mindfulness, gratitude, and positivity aids in cherishing the time left and improving well-being. Despite unique challenges, life-limiting

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Work-Life Integration: Incorporating Nature into Your Daily Routine

Work-life integration is achieved by incorporating nature into everyday routines, reducing stress, and promoting wellness. Nature significantly decreases stress, boosts mood, and improves cognitive function, enhancing work productivity and personal life. Incorporate nature into workdays through nature walks, outdoor workspaces, nature-inspired exercises, and greener commuting routes. Oral hygiene practices outdoors and using natural dental products promote overall well-being

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The Most Creative Ways to Reuse Clothes That You Don’t Wear Anymore

If your clothes take too much space in your closet, maybe it’s time to declutter the Marie Kondo way. But you may start to wonder how you will upcycle the clothes you’re not using anymore. How can you reuse garments from fast-fashion brands? How can you recycle shirts that you’ve outgrown? The textile waste in landfills is appalling. According


Garden Care: Preparing for a Brewing Storm

Gardening takes a lot of time and energy, not to mention love and dedication, to make a piece of land into something green and beautiful. Unfortunately, no matter how good we take care of our prized lawns and gardens, they will still take damage from natural forces such as the storm that hit Northern Utah,

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Do You Recognize this Bug? Enjoying Your Outdoors to the Fullest

Spring and summer are coming, and along with the change of season comes a horde of bugs and outdoor lovers. For many people who see summer as a time to enjoy nature, it also means exposing skin to a host of bugs. While most insects are harmless, some can carry dangerous diseases. So how could


How Can We Give Back to Nature?

Structural expansion and development are designed to improve the quality of our lives. But they can also have a significant impact on the environment, and the damage is just becoming more evident as the years pass. It’s not too late. If we start today, we can still make a difference and preserve nature. Here’s how:

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Lazy Habits Your Family Can Adopt for a Healthier and a More Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Want your family to start adopting a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle? Know that the earlier you expose your kids to such practice, the easier it will be for them to pick these habits up. You don’t only get to raise happy and well-adjusted kids. You can also increase their chances of growing into healthy

How to Protect a Young Tree from Your Dog

So you’ve just gotten a treeling planted in your backyard, but you also have a dog that likes to dig and pee on things. Here are some ways to protect your young tree from Fido. Raising a young tree in the presence of a dog is quite a challenge. Dogs tend to sniff unfamiliar objects,

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Want a Different Cuisine in Singapore? We Have You Covered

Whether you’re someone who just came out from the office for a quick bite or a professional chef who’s looking for a unique tasting experience, you can’t deny that everybody loves fast food. Fast food culture has always been a melting pot for a variety of different cuisines, and Korean fast food has to be

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