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Whether you’re someone who just came out from the office for a quick bite or a professional chef who’s looking for a unique tasting experience, you can’t deny that everybody loves fast food. Fast food culture has always been a melting pot for a variety of different cuisines, and Korean fast food has to be one of the most enjoyable in the industry.

Let’s face it: In Singapore, fast food stalls are the backbone of the food business. While we’re sure that the majority of people are into traditional gourmet food that takes time to cook, your typical foodie is in love with the simplicity of fast food. With the recent trend of Korean cuisine skyrocketing in popularity, it’s no surprise that Korean fast food has been causing long lines to form outside food stalls.

But what makes Korean fast food click with your average Joe? Is it the simplicity or the time-efficiency? Here’s what makes it a popular choice for everyone:


This type of food has always been a bridge between modern cooking and traditional Korean cooking. As the name suggests, fast food has always been about serving food in a short timeframe while having that delicious comfort food experience. With the American method of cooking mixed with the multitude of spices that are used in cooking Korean dishes, it’s going to be fireworks in your mouth.

Additionally, just because it’s cooked fast doesn’t make it less complicated than other traditional dishes. You’ll realize that there are a plethora of different flavours going off in your mouth at the same time. With a concoction of various spices, you’re tasting a whole culture right on your fingertips (or on your chopsticks)


Chances are if you’re working in a full-time job and it’s lunchtime, you don’t have one solid hour to be waiting for your food, do you? In most cases, eating your meal for 30 minutes is a luxury that rarely presents itself. With fast food, you can get the best of both worlds: savoury flavours while getting it in front of you in a few minutes.


One of the philosophies of fast food is that it’s supposed to be readily accessible in public areas. Running late for a meeting but need to put something in your stomach? It’s no problem! This type of fast food usually comes in the form of finger foods, so you can munch away on any food while you’re going back to your workplace.

Are you looking to pack some lunch for a long trip outside the city? Fast food, Korean or otherwise, is a go-to for most individuals.

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The Most Popular Dishes

So what are some of the most popular Korean dishes as fast food? Here’s what people have been clamouring for:

Korean Fried Chicken

Fried chicken has always been a comfort food for anybody around the world. There are only a few things in the world that are as satisfying as the audible crunch that you get right after sinking your teeth into this finger food. Coupled with some of the best authentic Korean flavours in Singapore, the fried chicken is unrivalled in all aspects.

Got some sensitive taste buds? Some restaurants serve fried chicken that also comes with different flavours, so you won’t have to worry about your tongue catching on fire.

Sandwiches and Burgers

Conscious about getting your fingers sticky from BBQ-sauce coated fried chicken? Sandwiches and burgers are a convenient way of eating without messing up your shirt or coat with sauce. Not only that, but the use of a colourful set of authentic Korean ingredients will give you a unique experience with every bite that you take.

Some restaurants take a great deal of pride from their burgers and sandwiches. With a variety of handpicked ingredients, their burgers and sandwiches are a must-try.


If you’re planning on sitting down and having a good conversation with your friends, then it’s never too late (or too early) to have a bottle of soju or a glass of beer with them. Coupled with some of the spiciest Korean fried chicken there is, it’s bound to be a good time for everyone.

You can choose from different flavours of soju, which range from your classic Chamisul soju to the zestier grapefruit soju. Don’t want to go hard? No worries, some places offer the Hong Kong Gal Rae and 777 that come at a more cost-effective price.

Fast food like the Korean type is one of the best choices if you’re on-the-go or you want to slow down after a long day at work. Moreover, the expertly cooked and packaged meals make it an all-around choice for anyone in places like Singapore. You’ll never miss out on any meet-up with friends with these fast food dishes!

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