10 Practical Home Upgrades That Are Worth Your Money

Thinking of upgrading your home? Here are a few home improvement projects that are sure to be worth every penny you will spend:

10 Practical Home Upgrades Worth the Investment

1. Additional kitchen storage

If there are two important home upgrades you can do, it’s updating your kitchen and installing additional storage space. That being said, you’ll never go wrong with additional storage in your kitchen.

2. Install solar power

Another noteworthy home upgrade you can do is invest in solar power installation at home. The use of renewable energy, such as solar power, at home is an economical and environmentally-friendly approach to home improvement.

3. Update the entrance

To add curb appeal to their properties, one of the very first things folks do is embellish their front door and entrance. Give it a fresh new look by changing the door’s paint job, framing it in millwork, adding some wall-mounted lighting fixtures, and replacing your house number plate design.

4. Restore wooden floors

There’s something about wood flooring that exudes warmness and versatility, making any space very inviting and cozy. Over time, though, as it accumulates dust and dirt, it becomes dull and dreary. Breathe life into your hardwood flooring by polishing it periodically.

5. Give the walls a washover

It’s amazing how a simple change in color scheme can breathe new life into any space. That’s the exact effect you’ll get whenever you redo a room’s paint job. If you plan to DIY it, make sure that you prepare the walls and surfaces properly before getting into the painting process.

6. Add accent colors

Speaking of paint jobs, not all repainting work has the same effect on people. A monotonous paint job can still come off as boring even if it’s an entirely different color. The addition of different hues or contrasting colors can help bring your new paint job to life.

7. Replace lighting fixtures

If your house comes with the typical ceiling mounted lighting fixtures, you can replace some of them with other types of lighting. Perhaps you can install wall-mounted lighting along hallways or sconces and pendants in corners in different rooms. The possibilities are endless as there are lots of great lighting options available.

8. Modular shelving

Anything that has to do with additional storage and display space is always a good thing. You can never have too many shelves at home — unless you’re a minimalist. But typically, shelves are always a welcome addition to any home.

9. Add backsplash

When it comes to kitchen renovations and remodeling, other than the countertops, a backsplash adds great value to your property. Installing a backsplash doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. There are a lot of other cheaper alternatives available. Sometimes, you just need to be resourceful and creative.

10. Exterior lighting

Modern house


Installing additional low-voltage lighting to your deck or patio will make your property literally shine at night. They not only add aesthetic value to your home but they also make your space safer for its users.

Any home improvement project should add value to your property and not take away from it, especially in the long run. Keep this rule in mind when you decide to take on any future upgrades to your home.

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