The 5 Must-haves for Active Youth

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Teens and young adults are some of the most active people around. A study gauging the rate of physical activity among young adults reported that about 30 to 40% deem themselves active. They’re constantly on the go, whether they’re running to school, soccer practice, or just out with friends.

With all that activity, if you’re an active teen, it’s essential to ensure you have the right fuel to keep going and stay healthy. Here are the five must-haves for active youth:

1. Good Gear

A good backpack is vital for any student, but it’s especially important for active youth who might be lugging around sports gear, books, and other items on a daily basis. Look for a backpack with comfortable straps and plenty of pockets for storage. And make sure it’s big enough to fit everything you need but not so big that it becomes cumbersome to carry.

Running shoes are also a must for any active youth, whether you’re running cross-country or just trying to stay in shape. Look for shoes with good arch support and cushioning to protect your feet and joints from impact. And be sure to get shoes that fit correctly—too small, and they could cause blisters; too big, and they could lead to trips and falls.

Remember that you tend to grow quickly while still young, so it’s crucial to buy gear that will last but won’t break the bank. Look for sales and special deals when you can.

2. Safe Acne Treatment

Active teens are more likely to sweat and get dirty, leading to breakouts. But harsh acne treatments like Accutane are more commonly available on the market. Such treatments can have harmful side effects, so it’s important to find Accutane alternatives or other safer options. Acne treatments that contain natural ingredients like tea tree oil or manuka honey and have antibacterial properties can help fight breakouts.

And be sure to read the labels carefully—some acne treatments can make skin more sensitive to sunlight, so it’s also essential to use sun protection. A good sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 will help protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Regardless of which acne treatment you choose, it’s important to be patient—it can take up to 12 weeks to see results. No worries, though—with the proper acne treatment, you’ll be able to rock that summertime glow in no time.

3. A Reliable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is vital for everyone, but it’s especially important for active youth who are constantly on the go. Look for a water bottle that doesn’t leak and can be easily carried around. And make sure it’s made from safe materials like BPA-free plastic or stainless steel.

No matter which water bottle you choose, ensure it’s easy to clean so you can avoid bacteria build-up. And be sure to wash it regularly—a good rule of thumb is to wash it after every use. Do not put carbonated beverages in your water bottle, as the carbon dioxide will erode the material over time.

a female teen drinking water while on break working out

4. Nutrition Bars or Snacks

Active youth need fuel to keep their energy levels up, so nutrition bars or snacks are a must-have. Look for bars or snacks high in protein and low in sugar to give you sustained energy throughout the day. And make sure they’re easy to eat on the go so you can grab them before practice or a game.

You can whip up some homemade snacks like energy balls or granola bars if you have extra time. Just be sure to avoid any potential allergens, and always have a safe place to store them so they don’t melt or get damaged. With nutritious bars or snacks, active youth can stay energized and focused on various activities.

5. A Smartphone Armband

A smartphone armband is a must-have for any active youth with a smartphone. It allows you to keep your phone close at hand while you’re running, playing sports, or working out at the gym. And it frees up your hands so you can focus on your activity without worrying about dropping or losing your phone.

A smartphone armband can also be used to play music, track your progress, or even check in on social media. And if you have an armband with a key ring, you can even use it to store your keys while you work out. They come in various styles and materials, so be sure to choose one that’s right for you.

Opt for a silicone armband if you’re looking for something lightweight and durable. If you want something a little more stylish, go for a fabric armband. No matter which style you choose, make sure the armband is adjustable so it fits comfortably on your arm. And be sure to test it out before your next workout—you don’t want it to slip down your arm during your run or yoga class.

Active youth have a lot on their plate—literally and figuratively! By making sure you have these five must-haves, you can stay organized, hydrated, and fueled up as you take on whatever comes your way.

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