Unconventional Wedding Guide: Tricks for the Adventurous Couple

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Following tradition remains a popular choice when it comes to weddings. No wonder even young couples consider following old ways when planning for their big day. Indeed, there is a certain beauty in following old people’s advice. However, technology and other modern advancements have also started influencing a lot of people. This means couples are beginning to appreciate that they can also choose to do away with the old style of planning a wedding. With this in mind, couples can start following their own preferences. They can either pick the old and traditional tips or find a unique strategy and experience new and modern ways to celebrate their special day.

Traditional Vs. Unconventional Weddings

If you are interested in tying the knot with your partner, it’s crucial to start with the preparations as soon as you can. Unfortunately, one of the most common dilemmas of most couples includes choosing whether to choose traditional or unconventional weddings. Others are confused about how one differs from the other. The solution here is to get acquainted with the similarities and differences between the two. Here is a simple comparison between traditional and unconventional weddings:

  • Traditional Weddings—This type of wedding is commonly held in churches and chapels. The venue is one of the most remarkable differences when it comes to traditional weddings. Couples who follow certain religions prefer this type of marriage as it’s tradition to hold the ceremony at a place of worship. Another significant difference is that traditional weddings require the bride and her family to shoulder all the expenses. This includes wedding attires, wedding vendors, venue, etc. Also, traditional weddings follow specific rules, especially during the ceremony. There are dress codes and an exact lineup when walking down the aisle. Even the after-party celebration has a step-by-step process, so guests often have an idea of what will happen right after the ceremony.
  • Unconventional Weddings—Weddings that do not follow tradition are referred to as unconventional weddings. Couples who follow this type of wedding often do not mind breaking some strict rules of traditional weddings. They look for various wedding venues that will complement their wedding theme. They also don’t mind guests wearing specific outfits as long s they follow dress codes set by the couple. Also, for the expenses, there are no rules about who will pay for the ceremony and other costs. Usually, couples nowadays divide expenses, so they don’t need to worry too much about the wedding budget.

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Planning an Unconventional Wedding

Couples, especially those who belong to the younger generation, are becoming more appreciative of unconventional weddings. One of the most common reasons this happens is that people are now more aware that they can make their own rules for their special day. Thus, they don’t need to follow old methods when planning for the wedding. With this, you can choose to plan a unique and unconventional wedding. You need to remember the following strategies:

  • Select an ideal wedding venue—Picking a wedding venue can be challenging, especially if you still want to hold a ceremony at a place of worship. However, you can always choose your preferred wedding venue for the after-party or the reception. You can have it in a barn, a hotel, or even at the beach. The options are virtually limitless, and you need to pick the one you find will best fit you and your partner’s preference.
  • Pick comfortable outfits—You can still wear a white wedding dress if you want, but you can also choose other colors, depending on your preferences. The groom can even go crazy over choosing colors for his suit. The key is to find a reliable bridal shop that can help you create comfortable yet visually-appealing outfits.
  • Unleash your creativity in planning the wedding program—You can skip long speeches if you want and focus on entertaining guests. The key to having a successful wedding program is to ensure that everyone feels comfortable while having fun at your party. Thus, don’t be afraid of making some tweaks to the usual wedding programs. You can even enjoy a night of eating, dancing, and catching up with friends and relatives.

Staying practical is an excellent option when planning a wedding. Whether you want to be adventurous about the wedding preparations or not, you still need to follow specific rules to avoid mistakes. Keep in mind that you are planning for your special day. Thus, you don’t need to stress over small things and do what you want to prepare for a memorable celebration of your union. Treat your wedding plans as a new adventure and look forward to a beautiful and exciting marriage with the love of your life.

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