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Learn How YouTubers Get Their Books Out

You don’t need a large publishing company to get your book out into the market. Thousands of people are cutting out the corporate middleman — publishing their works without the need to pass through tough screenings and literary gatekeepers. Even YouTubers, a group not famed for their literary skills, have turned into authors — simply

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How Art Became Powerful During the Pandemic

With the pandemic forcing people to stay in their homes, many are experiencing isolation and cabin fever. Human beings aren’t meant to be stuck in small apartments and crowded houses, separated from nature and social activities. They can only sigh and look out the window, as many in-person events and community spaces like museums and

10 Practical Home Upgrades That Are Worth Your Money

Thinking of upgrading your home? Here are a few home improvement projects that are sure to be worth every penny you will spend: 10 Practical Home Upgrades Worth the Investment 1. Additional kitchen storage If there are two important home upgrades you can do, it’s updating your kitchen and installing additional storage space. That being

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