Rediscovering the Healing Power of Travel


In the age of Instagram, taking photos and documenting your adventures for your followers is one of the goals — if not the priority — of every travel vacation. The temptation to travel for the sake of display is strong, and because everybody else does it, it’s understandable that this is on top of your mind as you hop from city to city.

However, you might be missing out on the true power of travel—the ability to refresh the mind and reset the soul. Being far away from the hustle and responsibility is good for your spirit, so make the most of it. Here’s how you can make the most of the healing power of traveling.

Let Your Body Heal

Traveling for the purpose of recuperating from a disease isn’t new. In fact, in Victorian England, doctors often prescribe a “change of air” as a form of treatment for nervous ailments like melancholy and hypochondriasis. This meant the patient needs to travel and spend time away from their home and their city, typically spending weeks in a spa or near the sea.

Today, many patients still swear by the power of recovering away from their homes. After taking their last exams at a medical diagnosis clinic and securing the approval of their physicians, many patients book a flight to a coastal city, where the air fresh off the ocean, the pollution-free communities, and fresh farm-to-table food work wonders for their ailments. Moreover, patients find a lot of reasons to get off the couch and walk about. While enjoying the vibrant sun, they walk along the beach, stargaze under a clear, rural sky, and talk a stroll around parks. Fitness becomes a leisurely activity.

HappyLet the Rivers Wash the Grief Away

The mental release you experience with every new city helps wash away the grief and other negative thoughts that have been haunting you. Countless people bear testimony to the power of travel in dealing with life’s major changes. It has been adapted in literature and movies, too. For these stories, the emotional journey is parallel to the actual travel journey. What started out as a messy, uncoordinated trip ended in some peaceful place. It is your chance to distance yourself from failed relationships or find solace from the death of someone dear to you.

Finding a New Perspective on Life

When you’ve been seeing nothing but routine in the same city, it is easy to get drowned in the mundaneness of life. A fresh scenery or a road trip takes you out of that cycle and lets you see life in a different light. Countless epiphanies have been had when eating new food or looking at magnificent landscapes.

At its core, travel is a great way to refresh both the body and mind. Taking pictures might be your first order of business, but once you’ve taken enough shots, put your camera down and savor how far you are from the things that might have caused your diseases and pain. This is your chance to recuperate, so make the most of it.

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