Working Girl: How to Have a Balanced Career and Personal Life

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We all want to be successful in all aspects of our lives ━ whether it be work, relationships, health, and so on. Balancing your career and personal life has been a theme of dozen self-help books. However, there is no one-size-fits-all formula to achieve the right concoction.

No matter how hard it might seem, having a balanced career and personal life is achievable. Though not a total perfect balance, it is balanced, nonetheless. It is important to bear in mind that a superwoman is a myth.

Accepting that no one, not even yourself, can go on 24 hours a day without feeling exhausted is necessary. It is a critical step toward thriving. Accepting your limitation allows you to simplify things and lets you focus your energy on what truly matters.

Furthermore, there are some aspects of your life that you do not have much control of, like the demands of your job. Despite that, it should not keep you from striving to be happy. Instead of focusing your energy on the things you cannot control, shift your focus on those things that you can.

Keep List of Things

Keeping a list of things that need to be done helps you be on your toes of those that need to be prioritized. Again, you are not superwoman. You cannot get all things done within the day. As a busy career woman juggling a life, it can be overwhelming at times just thinking about the things that need to be accomplished.

By keeping a proper to-do list, you do not forget any task from the most important to the least because you have them all in one place. Not only are you organized in your schedule, but you are also less likely to be unfocused and anxious.

Stick to Your Schedule

Organizing your daily schedule and setting a clear routine is good for your body and keeps you in sync. Apart from setting a routine for your bedtime and waking time, schedule everything ━ from work to house chores, family activities, grocery runs, and even your “me” time.

According to an article by Lifehack, high achievers have one thing in common: a morning routine. Waking up early has a lot of benefits. For one, it helps improve your mood. Although you cannot be 100 percent adherent to your schedule, having one keeps you on track.

But Be Flexible

Keeping things and your schedule organized does not mean you have to be so die-hard about it. Schedules are meant to be broken, but at least they keep you on track. Sometimes, things do not go as planned. With this in mind, learn to be flexible and roll with the punches when they happen.

Perhaps there are times when you need to work overtime then attend an important appointment over the weekend, leaving your household chores at bay. When the next workweek comes, you have a pile of laundry and other house tasks left untouched. In any event, you can ask the assistance or hire companies that can perform those tasks for you, such as professional laundry services.

Prioritize Sleep

Getting enough sleep every night can do a lot of wonders. It helps improve your mood, boost creativity, and increase productiveness. Not having enough sleep makes you easily irritated, annoyed, and unfocused. Setting a healthy sleeping routine is difficult at first. But after a week or two, your body will learn to adjust to this healthier lifestyle.

Pray or Meditate

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Praying or meditating might not be a cup of tea for everyone, but having a sense of peace is essential for one’s well-being. Keeping in touch with your religious or spiritual values can help you overcome stress and difficulties, especially if you tend to be easily worried about any life obstacles.

Give Time for Self-care

Perhaps the most important thing for any career woman or busy person, for that matter, is to make time for self-care. With so many overwhelming tasks to attend to ━ work, family responsibilities, and other stuff ━ we often forget to breathe and think about ourselves.

Self-care can come in many forms. Having a healthy breakfast daily, walking when opportunity allows, exercising, enjoying a hobby, or even just having a warm bath with a glass of wine are some ways to take care of yourself. Allowing yourself to relax recharges you so that you will be ready to face new challenges.

All things considered, amidst the stress of your work and personal life, do not take yourself too seriously. Never forget to laugh and smile often.

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