Upgrade Your Home For The Summer With These 10 Services

When it comes to completing an extensive modern cottage renovation, there’s no denying that homeowners have a lot of things to consider. Whether you have to decide what color you want to paint your walls or what you’re going to do with that spare bedroom, it’s vital that you select an array of themes and motifs that best suit your lifestyle and budget. Therefore, this article will list a selection of attractive summer upgrades that can help take your beloved home to the next level.

1. Upgrade Your Plumbing

A working plumbing network is a lifeline regardless of where you live, so it’s vital that you keep this system in working order all year round. Not only does this system allow us to take luxurious bubble baths whenever we please, but it also ensures that we can gain access to fresh drinking water. Therefore, if you notice that your water system is not performing as usual, or you keep hearing a series of uncomfortable noises coming from your pipes, it’s imperative that you get in touch with a selection of local plumbers right away. These workers are expertly trained to assess the overall condition and performance of your plumbing network, ensuring that they can spot any impending faults in their tracks. As such, you can rest assured that you can rely on this system when you need it most, without having to worry about spending copious amounts of money on emergency repairs. This Old House explains that plumbers typically charge $150-$500 per job, making this a relatively affordable service for those looking to carry out a comprehensive modern cottage renovation.

2. Get New Floors

Unsurprisingly, our floors tend to experience a lot of wear and tear over the years. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as using harsh cleaning supplies or allowing people to walk all over them day in and day out. Therefore, as much as you may love your existing floors, it may be time for an upgrade. Hardwood floors are a very popular option for those who want to maintain the elegance and decadence of their floorboards but want to implement an added sense of strength and durability. Thus, you can continue to use your floors as normal without having to worry about them losing their integrity or style. Plus, these floors are available in an abundance of different styles, so you’re bound to find one that best suits the aims of your modern cottage renovation. Architectural Digest highlights that these floors can normally be installed for around $6-$21 per square foot, which can sound expensive to some people, but others would agree that this is a reasonable price to pay for such high-quality materials.

3. Install Built-In Wardrobes

If you consider yourself to be an avid fashionista, you may benefit from installing a series of built-in wardrobes when conducting your modern cottage renovation process. These wardrobes are designed to hold a vast assortment of garments, whilst also appearing as if they’re a part of the overall room. Thus, gone are the days when you would have to stumble around your closet as you can now ensure that they blend in with the rest of the space. Yet, if you’re eager to take this process one step further, you could also collaborate with a reputable cabinet company to discuss your ideas for a custom closet design. However, since these assets are considered to be very artisan and one-of-a-kind, it’s important to note that these services will probably be very expensive. Angi highlights that a custom closet design can set you back between $1,049-$3,200, but the national average usually sits at $2,110.

4. Install a New Fence

It’s also very important that you include your exterior in your modern cottage renovation process as these upgrades can help to add a tremendous amount of value to your property. Fences are an incredibly diverse and creative asset, making the perfect accompaniment to any backyard. Thus, don’t hesitate to get in touch with some local fence companies if you’re keen to find out more about how they can benefit your beloved home. Alongside helping to keep nosy neighbors at bay, fences can also be a great source of security. Although motion-detection lights and video doorbells are very favorable among contemporary homeowners, they don’t always act as a deterrent to potential criminals and intruders. Therefore, by simply installing a high fence around the perimeter of your garden, you can work to keep trespassers out and can focus on keeping you and your loved ones safe and sound at all times. Fence Gnome also emphasizes that this process can cost as low as $1,330 and as high as $5,500. But, the source explains that the average price is a lot more affordable at just $3,440.

5. Install New Blinds

Blinds are seen as a very contemporary item, but that does not stop them from elevating just about any type of modern cottage renovation. These items help to block out glaring rays of sunlight so that you can catch up with your favorite TV shows whilst reveling in a cozy and tranquil environment. Again, these products are also manufactured in an abundance of different ways, so it’s very easy to find a set of custom blinds for every room. If you’re keen to emphasize the more modern parts of your cottage, some of these blinds can be controlled via a small remote-controlled device. Thus, this is a fantastic resource for those looking to take their homes to the next level. Also, some services allow you to customize your respective set of blinds to ensure that they fit your style and needs perfectly. The cost of a new set of blinds will usually depend on the size of your window and your desired style, but Home Guide notes that property owners should expect to pay around $30 to $200 per window. As such, it seems that there is an option to suit a range of different budgets as well as preferences.

6. Paint Your Home

Although the vast majority of us rarely give it a second thought, the exterior is a key part of any home. Most notably, this is the first thing guests see as they arrive at your property, so it’s crucial that you maintain it regularly if you want to make a good impression. Admittedly, many people could simply pop down to their local hardware store, pick up a few cans of paint, and complete this job for themselves. But, if you suffer from a disability or have poor mobility, this task may be easier said than done. As such, it may be beneficial to recruit a trusted commercial painter to offer you a helping hand. These workers can give your exterior a fresh coat of paint in a very short amount of time because they commonly use a range of state-of-the-art tools to speed up the process. In addition, these contractors can also offer some professional advice and guidance on what paint would best suit your property, ensuring that your home can enjoy an exciting splash of color. Forbes explains that this service usually costs $1-$2 per square foot as well as an added $25 to $100 per hour in labor costs. In spite of the fact that this may seem overly exuberant for some people, this service is more aimed towards those who want to add a sense of speed and efficiency to their modern cottage renovation process.

7. Get a New Roof

Roofs are deeply strong and withstanding, but just like any other part of our homes, they tend to decay and rot over time. This is commonly seen in older homes too, so it’s important that you consider this damage when focusing on the nuances of your modern cottage renovation. As such, if you have experienced frequent leaks, mold infestations, or damp spots, it may be time to call in some roofing companies. These contractors will usually begin by surveying the intricacies of your roof, keeping a close eye out for any signs of mold or cracks in its foundation. From there, these workers will discuss the relevant remedies and will potentially encourage you to invest in a new roof if they believe that they cannot save your existing one. It should be said that although getting a new roof can be very expensive, with Nerd Wallet explaining that it usually costs $11,000, this process is also associated with a ton of benefits. A new and improved roof can help to better insulate your home, so you no longer have to crank up the heating during the colder months. In addition, this upgrade can help you save a tremendous amount of money on your utility bills, meaning that you can use this bit of extra cash on what matters most, like buying a new car or enjoying an exciting family day out.

8. Upgrade Your Electrics

Electricity powers almost everything we do in our modern societies, so if your network is not up to scratch, it can really halt the developments in your modern cottage renovation process. Plus, a faulty electrical system can put you and your family in grave danger, especially if it leads to harmful shocks or lengthy blackouts. Thus, if you relate to this situation, you’re encouraged to get in touch with a native electrical company as soon as possible. These contractors can delve deeper into this system and identify a selection of things that could be responsible for these problems. If your electrical network is suffering from an array of minor concerns, the contractor will probably be able to resolve them in a few hours. Yet, if they believe that the system is damaged beyond repair, they may recommend that you invest in re-wiring your entire house. The cost of these services can differ depending on the extent of the damage and whether or not the contractor charges a call-out fee. However, My Site Plan suggests that homeowners will likely pay anywhere between $162 to $522 for a complete session with an electrician. Thus, it’s advised that you factor in these high costs when creating an overall budget for your home improvement projects as these unexpected repairs can really set you back in your renovation journey.

9. Upgrade Your Garage

Garages are such a prosperous asset, but it seems that a lot of homeowners are struggling to use these spaces to their fullest potential. Together with keeping our cars safe and dry, these spaces are often used to store our old belongings, making them appear as glorified storage units. Yet, with an added sense of TLC, you have the potential to transform these spaces into something much more useful and attractive, like a chic remote working area or a sleek home gym. In order to get started on this segment of your modern cottage renovation process, you should begin by repairing your garage doors. Since these assets are commonly used on a daily basis, they tend to wear down over time. As such, these companies often supply homeowners with a set of new springs and hinges to ensure that their garages can continue operating as normal for many years to come. Lawn Starter states that a typical garage door installation process will set you back between $590 to $1,650. But, the source also explains that the average cost is usually $1,120. Thus, this is a fantastic way to improve a once-forgotten part of your property.

Deciding to renovate your home is a big step for just about any homeowner, so it’s important that everything goes to plan. But, that is not always the case and these circumstances can lead us to feeling very defeated and anxious at the first hurdle. However, with the right services and materials at our disposal, we can make our home improvement dreams a reality. Thus, if you’re keen to carry out a modern cottage renovation for yourself, be sure to implement some of the advice and guidance discussed throughout this article.

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