What Makes Dating so Hard in Modern Times?


Most people often dream of planning the perfect wedding or enjoy the excitement of looking for wedding reception venues for your special day. They look forward to designing the invitation cards to be sent to your friends and family and planning everything to the last detail to ensure that everything goes well. The thing is, the planning and preparing the budget for the big event is the easy part. Finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with (and the stress that would follow with all the future planning) is the hard part.

As news of celebrity couples divorcing and breaking up continue to flood mainstream media left and right, people are more afraid to commit now more than ever. But why are dating and committing so tricky nowadays?

The Online World Offers More Options (Which is Both Good and Bad)

The start of most relationships is through social media nowadays. With countless dating apps made available for different people, it should have been seen as an advantage to meet more people compared to going out to social events to meet the one. However, its advantage is also its disadvantage, as more people get presented with more options, the less interested they’d become in just a single person. It’s also one of the reasons why people find it hard to commit.

People Fall in Love with the Idea of ‘Love’

Films and series often depict this cheesy and completely unrealistic love scenarios that are put out in huge platforms for a lot of people to consume. Some people would be so influenced by such stories that they would leave a relationship once a certain delusive standard isn’t met. It also doesn’t help that some movies go as far as to romanticize toxic behaviors in a relationship and twist it as something healthy, and a ‘normal’ couple would do.

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‘Hookup Culture’ Blurs Every Line of Commitment

Hooking up may have already been a thing even way before the rise of modern cellphones and the Internet, but it’s also recently that it has become so common that it leaves everyone in the dating world so confused. Where do you both draw the line? Are you still friends outside of the odd deal that you have? And what happens when one starts to catch feelings? While it helps explore people’s options, it also makes it even more confusing and difficult for others to commit for longer terms.

The Digital Age Makes it More Difficult to Be More Open

Because people now have the luxury to hide behind the screens of their phones, they also could be held less accountable for their actions. It is why ‘ghosting’ has become a thing so normal in the modern dating world because people would instead choose not to be mature and be upfront in ending things for fear of being vulnerable and have it be used against them. Showing emotions and vulnerability has also made difficult through text messages and chatting for a lot of communication elements are missing.

Meeting someone who is the right one for you, who respects you as an individual, is difficult in any period. But choosing to be brave and looking past trivial things in a relationship might just make it easier.

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