Nothing Can Stop Us: Wedding Ideas amid the COVID-19 Crisis

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The pandemic has affected a lot of businesses in different sectors. Aside from different companies in finance, even small businesses are not immune to the ravages of the lockdowns. One of the suffering niches is the wedding sector or companies that earn their living by covering or organizing the weddings of couples.

There are a lot of factors why these sectors have suffered during the pandemic. Even white gold and diamond wedding bands cannot be given to each other if there is no wedding held, but that can be remedied with small COVID-19 weddings. With limited guests being accepted into weddings, events like this can be still held, but with a bare minimum in the number of guests.

There will always be very creative ways you can hold your wedding, but your organizer and the company behind him or her will always ensure that you can have your wedding — even during the pandemic. Learn how this can be possible.

A Simple Backyard Wedding

The backyard wedding is an understated ceremony that emphasizes the intimacy of the people involved. One reason this is so is that it may have something to do with the sentimental value of the place. Backyard weddings usually happen in the backyard of one of the families involved; that gives it some significance to at least one of the parties involved.

Since big weddings are not an option, choose to be wed in this simple but emotional wedding. Who knows, you may end up even having big savings, which you can then divert to other costs, like for the reception.

Creating Distancing with Seating Arrangements

Because it’s a pandemic, people are encouraged to sit apart from each other. To some people, this measure may seem Draconian and outdated, but there are those that might give it a go. If it’s up to you, you could give the distanced seating a little twist just so the fact that there’s social distancing involved is forgotten, at least.

You could opt to create angled seating with distances set according to those suggested by the authorities. While this may be aesthetic, it could also be creative. What’s more, the guests at the wedding could get a better view if you arrange the chairs so that each angle of the wedding is covered.

bride and groom holding a bouquet

The Dance Floor — Where it Happens

Weddings always feature a dance floor of some sort where the bride and groom share their first dance as husband and wife. During the pandemic, this could take on a whole new arrangement. Even so, if it’s somewhere like a backyard or a garden, there’s a way you can create something memorable and fun at the same time.

If you want to be creative, you could go rustic and use wooden pallets as the flooring for your first dance. It’s a nice touch to an already memorable event. You can even make space small so that there’s limited space for the people who want to dance.

Creativity with the Hand Sanitizers

At this time, hand sanitizers are a must since people are trying to sanitize when they can. If you can, you can use this as an opportunity to give away handy sanitizers to people. They’ll appreciate you for it, especially if they don’t already have one; it’s something to remember the day by, and they’ll also need one frequently during the pandemic.

Another thing is to provide sanitizing at the event. You can have someone greet the guests by taking their temperature and spritzing their hands with sanitizer at the same time.

Masks as Giveaways

To be fair, no one knows when the CDC or the government will ease up on the restrictions because of COVID-19. People are still getting sick and if they’re not going to events like weddings, they should just stay home. However, for the guests at your wedding, you can show your gratitude by packing a face mask along with hand sanitizers.

Masks are still a much-needed resource under the pandemic. If people attending your wedding don’t have one, well, they have now. You have to be thoughtful with your giveaways and masks are a great touch if you want to be remembered by your guests.

The pandemic has forced people to rethink the way they do things. In your case, if you’re getting married, you can push through even with the pandemic. Just remember to follow the measures laid down by the CDC. You can also look for more creative ways to celebrate the most important day in your life without making it seem like the pandemic is present.

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